Krthe Woman: Why Latina Women Aren’t In Technology

When you think about jobs you think about opportunities and equal chance no matter what race or gender that you are. You have an identity disregard circumstance. If you are a Latina or a white woman you should be granted the same opportunities that the other has, because you are both human. If you are […]

via Why Latina Women Aren’t In Technology: Because They’re Latina — Krthe Woman

The author makes an important observation:

Across the board we all talked about the lack of diversity and representation in tech companies and what we should do to solve this problem. I then realized the answer, the majority of the fifteen girls out of twenty that participated in girls who code – who had the privilege in doing this program which opens their eyes to a whole new world- were the daughters of engineers or people who worked in technology. And you ask yourself how could one aspire to be a computer programmer if you don’t see anybody who looks like you working in this career.

Representation matters, but so does access to the prestige networks where they can learn skills to pursue opportunities they didn’t initially think possible.

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